+ process


pre design 

• review your goals for the project 

• ask questions - listen to your desires – review photographs you’ve collected 

• take into consideration special needs, furnishings, or collections that need to be accommodated 

• consider the site – views, topography, features 

• review applicable zoning considerations, covenants, and code restraints is also performed during this phase 


schematic design 

• programming is incorporated and basic spatial relationships are developed 

• initial plans and sketches are presented. 

• conceptual site plan, preliminary floor plans exterior elevations  


design development 

• refinement of the design of the project 

• establish the scope, relationships, forms, size, and appearance of the project  

• plans, sections and elevations, 3D modeling, typical construction details, and equipment layouts  


architectural review committee approval (if applicable) 

• design review plan set is submitted to the governing review agency for approval 


construction documentation 

• drawings and specifications that establish in detail the quality level of materials and systems required  


construction procurement 

• assisting the owner in obtaining either competitive bids or negotiated proposals  

• assist the owner in awarding and preparing contracts for construction  


contract administration 

• concepts become a reality 

• represent the client’s interests during construction 

• shop drawings, site visits, regular progress meetings 

• contractor’s applications for payment are reviewed 

• concludes with owner occupancy